Rieser Building Group is an “active” designer and builder of buildings and roadways with a team of licensed civil engineers, building contractors, engineering contractors and architects that has a resume of designing and building over 20 subdivisions, 4000 units, 25 interchanges/bridges along with 500 miles of roadway and being an OSHA Safety expert that uses this current knowledge to “also” work in the forensic analysis and expert witness field to give the client our “360 Degree” of understanding of all aspects of the industry.



Rieser Building Group is an active professional designer, builder, developer and forensic expert with licensed civil engineers, transportation engineers, architects, structural engineers, safety experts, geotechnical engineers and licensed contractors building, designing and evaluating forensic cases throughout the United States. The corporate officers used their experience working for large commercial builders, homebuilders, roadway engineers, working for and with Cities, working for and with Caltrans and as an OSHA safety expert with State of California to start a company that builds, designs and also evaluates expert cases to give their clients the confidence that Rieser Building Group understands the process from start to finish with the awareness of potential litigation or a "360 Degree" of understanding of all aspects of the industry. The company was formed in 2005 as a small developer, designer and building company that grew into a large corporation with offices in San Jose(HQ) , Sacramento, Los Angeles (HQ) and San Francisco. Rieser Building Group's headquarters offices are in San Jose and Los Angeles. The company was later developed into three divisions with Division I as a design-builder for roadway work, Division II for home and commercial buildings and the Division III for land development, forensic experts for aforementioned Divisions I and Divisions II along with Safety. The company is currently expanding its efforts to conduct business in Nevada, Arizona, Washington Oregon and Hawaii. Rieser Building Group is presently working on a mix-use developing (apartments over retail) in San Francisco, CA as the design-build company, completed work on the Highway 805 in San Diego, CA and starting initial interchange design in San Jose, CA. The company has testified in court as a Transportation / Traffic Engineer, Demolition Expert, Safety Expert, Civil Engineer, Architect, Structural Engineer, OSHA Expert, Transportation Engineer, Caltrans Expert, Soil Engineer, Estimator, Construction Management, Roof Expert, Hydraulic Engineeer, Concrete expert, General Engineering Contractor and General Building Contractor. All bids (cost estimates) supplied for forensic work are actual bids that will be performed by the design-build division of Rieser Building Group.



San Jose (Headquarters)

6128 Camino Verde Drive
San Jose, CA 95119 Suite A

Los Angeles (Headquarters)

10100 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90067